• Richard McDonough

Co-Movement Gym: A is A Health Podcast S1E9 - Top 10 + Exercises To Improve Performance

1. Hanging: (one-arm or two-arm) try to work towards hanging up to 2 minutes

a. If you cannot currently hang then work on ring row strength or supported hangs

2. Scapula Push-Ups: arms stay straight the entire time, strengthens your scapula which is the main driving force for all pushing movements

3. Active Hangs: one of the best ways to active and hit your scapula

4. Rope Climb: climb with or without legs, L-sit climbs, lay down on the ground and practice climbing until you are standing and increase difficulty by elevating your feet

5. Farmer’s Carry: works entire upper body, increases core strength and stability, better posture, great at T-Spine extension which is difficult to engage. T-Spine extensions can be added to the farmers carry by lifting the chest up and keeping shoulders back and tight.

6. Turkish Get-Up: focus more on perfect form vs how much weight you can lift, great full body compound lift, one of the best non-linear movements

7. Windmills: a lot of shoulder stability, related to the Turkish Get-Up but works the shoulder a little differently and incorporates a little more of the lower body

8. Kettle Bell Swings: it’s a great explosive full body exercise, can be used as both a cardio and/or strength training exercise

9. Split Squats: helps to improve squat performance and helps fix any imbalances you may have in your squat

10. Straddle Ups: for lower body mobility, focus on keeping your legs locked, go slow and slowly work to getting the movement from the ground, start high up and do not hurry this movement/stretch

11. Full Bridge or a Wall Bridge: It is excellent core body stability exercise and is effective for isolating and strengthening the gluteus and hamstrings. This exercise develops every muscle in the back and strengthens the spinal muscles, condition the spine in preparation for heavy and explosive movements, stretches out the whole body, and can improve posture and reduce back pain. (

12. Weighted Arm Circles (XIOPENG Forward or Backward): straight arm shoulder strength and mobility, great exercise to check for scapula mobility

13. Dumbbell Cuban Rotations: best external rotation movement, focus on perfect form vs heavy weight, great for alleviating tightness in the chest

14. Hollow Body Holds: one of the best core exercises, keep your lower back flat on the floor, this is one of the primary exercises for most gymnasts

15. Weighted Ab workouts: The weighted in-and-outs exercise and weighted incline sit-ups exercise are two of our favorites.

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