• Richard McDonough

Co-Movement Gym: A is A Health Podcast S1E6 - Health and Nutrition an Evolutionary Perspective

Things have changed drastically in just the past couple hundred years. This is just a small fragment of the time that humans have been on this planet. Our DNA/genetics is not developing fast enough to match how quickly our world is changing. There have been tons of technological advances making our lives easier and requiring much less physical work. Some of these advances in society and technology are food is easily accessible, food is more calorically dense and more palatable, most products contain engineered ingredients, we have more desk jobs/more sedentary lifestyle, artificial light, and the internet. Depending on your body type these changes in technology and the environment can have a more drastic effect. It seems to have a greater impact on Endomorphs. These things still have an effect on Ectomorphs as well, and that is why skinny fat is an issue. Skinny fat is a condition where you may look skinny but contain a lot of visceral fat and/or fatty organs which is still not healthy.

Typical diets in the paste were locally sourced products and local animals. People in different regions of the world would consume completely different things, and regardless if their diets were high in fat or high in carbohydrates really didn’t seem to matter. For example, the Inuit people lived off of whale blubber vs tropical tribes which could consume mainly fruit and fish. Regardless of their diet they were all skinny/healthy. So high fat or high carb is not the issue as long as you are consuming single ingredient foods and you have a healthy level of activity. But, now you can eat pretty much anything no matter what time of the year it is and regardless of where you live. Plus, the only things they would drink was water…not all of these high sugary drinks that we have access to today. Marketing is another issue we have to deal with on a daily basis. You always see advertisements for fast food, candy, sugary cereals, alcohol, chips, junk food and many other high calorie/processed products. As long as we continue to buy these items, companies will continue to try and develop products like these. Using our own personal influence and our own dollar, we can start to change this culture and drive this change in marketing. This will force companies to start producing healthy choices cheap vs unhealthy choices.

We are not saying that living with all this technology and conveniences is a horrible thing…in fact we are glad to live in a society with all these amazing advances. We just want to make you aware that a lot of these things could be contributing to your current health issue, stress, and depression/unhappiness. Being aware of these things and knowing how to change your habits to increase activity level and making healthier choices in this modern world is what we are trying to teach you in this podcast.

Tips to help reverse some of these modern conveniences effecting our health:

1. Going outside more and being in the elements

2. Moving more throughout the day

a. This could be as simple as walking around the block or your office every hour. You could even do pushups or squats at your desk every hour. There are many options to increase movement throughout the day. Try to find something that works for you.

3. Sit less throughout the day

a. Use a physio ball for an active sitting position or switch to a standing desk

4. Being more social/having more in person social interactions

5. Limit your exposure to blue light/artificial light

a. reduce screen times throughout the day, use night time filters 1 hr before bed time, and/or change display to black and white

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