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Co-Movement Gym: A is A Health Podcast S1E5 - Co-Movement vs Globo Gym

Josh originally started out by doing cross-fit for 7 years. While Josh had a lot of success with cross-fit and even competed in the cross-fit games…he wanted to find out if there was more to working out or fitness than just trying to lift more weight on the bar. That’s when Josh discovered Ido Portal, and decided to train under his direction for 2-3 years. Ido Portal was the one to coin Movement as an all-encompassing form of fitness. After training with Ido Portal, Josh created his second gym called Co-Movement. Co-Movement Gym focuses on movement complexity and organic strength combined with weight lifting vs traditional gyms which only focus on weight lifting.

A lot of the time with traditional lifting you tend to overload your joints with heavier weights and causes injuries and joint pain. With movement exercises, these are not fixed ranges of motion. They are more natural movements which can are much easier on your joints, increase your flexibility, and increase your strength all at the same time. There will always be an end to traditional lifting whether your age starts to limit the weight you can lift or the amount of weight you are trying to lift will just not be possible. No one can add more weight to a lift indefinitely. Movement is something that can continue to help you live a higher quality of life regardless of your age unlike traditional lifting.

Depending on your goals traditional exercise could be the better option. For example, if having the heaviest deadlift in the world is your goal, then you should probably do a lot of deadlifts/traditional weight lifting. But if being healthy and having increasing mobility and/or a higher quality of life, then movement training might be better. Most of the time when someone posts an advanced movement on social media it looks easy and impressive, but what you don’t see is all the struggle and failure along the way. You need to embrace the failure when starting movement training. Finding a good coach to help you is very important when trying more complex movement exercises.

There are 3 levels of movement training Isolations (beginner), Integration (intermediate), and Improvisation (mastery). Weight lifting and specifically isolations are important for rehab and helping to develop deficiencies in your strength. Technically traditional exercise is still a subcategory of movement and we don’t really separate them during our training. Sometime between transitions in movement progressions these gaps can be quite large, and supplementing with traditional training is important to get to the next step. Movement tends to be more organic strength similar to farming, construction, rock climbing, auto mechanic and more. Organic strength is more around getting multiple muscle groups working together vs working in isolation.

Best exercises:

1. Turkish Get-up

2. Straddle Up

3. Tuck Front Lever

4. Hangs and One Arm Hangs

5. Scapular Exercises

6. Hollow Body Exercises

7. Handstands

8. Animal walks

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