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Co-Movement Gym: A is A Health Podcast S1E27 - Dr. Chad Walding is a PT & Co-Founder of NativePath!

Chad is the co-founder of Native Path, a health and nutrition company specializing in whole food supplements. He is a doctor of physical therapy, a holistic health and fitness coach, lifetime athlete, and wellness speaker. He is committed to helping people change their lives through better ways of eating, moving, thinking, and living. Chad once spent 40 days living with an indigenous people in the Amazon, studying ancestral health.

What got you interested in the health and fitness field, and in physical therapy?

Chad says he’s always loved fitness. He enjoys the challenge and learning opportunities that sports and physical training provide. He worked a cubicle job for a brief time but decided it wasn’t for him. A friend suggested physical therapy as a career, this felt right to Chad and he jumped right in. He’s been a PT now for 15 years.

What has frustrated you in the PT profession and medical world in general?

Chad recounts his initial work in a hospital as a PT student. He remembers seeing a McDonald’s in the hospital and intuitively knowing this didn’t make sense from a health perspective. Additionally, he observed that most treatments were directed at symptoms, not root causes. Chad felt that the medical industry was failing to really improve patients’ health long-term. Chad began working with chiropractors and came to understand that most of his patients’ pain came from poor movement patterns and an unhealthy lifestyle. He decided that he wanted to focus on these neglected aspects of health.

What do you think is going to be a huge ah-ha moment for the world in terms of the importance of foundational health?

Chad says it comes down to each individual person deciding to take care of their own health. There are many large-scale changes that need to happen, but it all begins at the individual level.

Cad also discusses Pottinger’s cats. This was an experiment done where cats were fed either raw milk or processed milk. The cats fed raw milk were far healthier, but so were their offspring for multiple generations. The cats fed processed milk had kittens with various birth defects. Chad feels this is similar to what’s going on now with humans in the modern world. He expects that the consequences modern living might be the eventual trigger that wakes people up, hopefully before we’re too far gone.

Josh and Chad discuss growing rates of infertility as a result of modern living and poor nutrition.

Josh predicts that small, self-sustaining communities are going to become more prevalent. These communities are eco-friendly, involve gardening and hunting, have barter economies, and are off-grid. Chad agrees and expresses interest in helping to create such communities. He says they would provide benefits beyond just human health, such as a social component.

What got you started on creating Native Path, your whole-food supplement company?

Chad says worked as a home health PT where he took note of how unhealthy the foods were that most people eat. At the same time, he spent a lot of time in his car listening to nutritional podcasts and learning about the importance of proper nutrition. This led him to create the Paleo Secret 30-day Challenge. The people who did the challenge had phenomenal results, and Chad decided to start a supplement company to support it. This company became Native Path.

What are you 3 favorite supplements?

Chad likes collagen protein, his Native Defense immune boosting formula, his Native Nutrients greens formula, and MCT powder for energy, better mood, and improved fat-burning.

You spent 40 days in the Amazon with an indigenous tribe, can you tell us about that?

Chad says he’s always been fascinated by human evolution, and this led him to the Amazon to learn more about ancestral living. He did a sacred rite of passage with them which involved spiritual practices designed to learn more about yourself as a person. He feels that rites of passage are missing in the modern world, but they are important for learning to be self-reliant leaders.

Was it difficult to come back and re-acclimate?

Chad says this was a huge challenge. He says that being around screens and technology and the rat-race again took a long time to get used to. That said, it taught him how to be a part of both worlds, which is useful in his current role where he works with modern people but tries to teach them the benefits of ancestral living.

Chad and Josh discuss the benefits of breathing practices and cold-water plunges, especially in regard to strengthening your mind against discomfort.

You got sick while in the jungle, what was that?

Chad says he got e. coli and MRSA while in the Amazon. This was near the end of his trip. It resulted in ulcers all over his body, a messed up digestive system, and significant weight loss. He appreciates that western medicine was able to help him recover fully with antibiotics.

Chad also talks about the mental challenges that popped up upon his return from the Amazon. He says he felt a lot of depression and anxiety, but he feels this was part of his training. He learned to sit with these things and do the mental and spiritual work necessary to come through as a stronger version of himself.

If you went through a similar difficult time again, what would you do to help you through it?

Chad says he’d utilize a mantra, or a faith-based trust that things will get better. He believes this trains your consciousness and mental state to put you in a position where healing is possible. One tool he would use is journaling. Additionally, Chad would continue to exercise, eat healthy, and engage with a supportive social circle.

Josh discusses the importance of self-care and self-love, especially for males. Chad agrees and talks about the distinction between conditional and unconditional love, he feels we need more of the latter. They also discuss the importance of positive self-talk.

What are 1-3 books that have had a big impact on you?

The Power of Now, and A New Earth, both by Eckhart Tolle. These taught him to be aware of the voice in his head. Also, The Four Agreements, by Don Miguel Ruiz.

If you could put up a road sign anywhere, what would it say?

This too shall pass.

Do you have a favorite failure?

Singing. Chad says he sang in the jungle in front of the tribe and he performed poorly, but he was happy to have mustered the courage to do it.

Advice for listeners?

Journal about things you appreciate about yourself.

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