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Co-Movement Gym: A is A Health Podcast S1E14 - What We Eat In A Day (Extremely Different Approaches)

Updated: Aug 16

Dr. Ricky McDonough: I only eat One Meal A Day (OMAD). Sometimes I eat my one meal in the evening or sometimes I consume my one meal around my workout in the morning. When I eat in the morning I normally consume all of my calories between 5 AM – 9 AM and when I eat in the evening I normally eat between 6 PM – 8 PM. I shoot for at least 1.0 g of protein per pound of bodyweight and then fill the rest of my calories with carbs and fat. I generally shoot for at least 20-30% of my calories to come from fat and the rest from carbs. I normally stay away from refined carbohydrates and most of my carbs come from vegetables or fruit. I stick to single ingredient foods and I generally try to keep my added sugar as low as possible. I keep my calories around 2000-2500 calories per day.

Andy Cieply: I am more of a grazer at least during this time of the year. I tend to eat 3 bigger meals and 3 smaller meals throughout the day. I keep my calories around 3000-3500 calories per day. I try to get at least 100 g of protein or 150 g of protein per day. I eat a unique breakfast that consists of dark chocolate (90%) every morning and a protein shake (V-Thrive Grass Fed Whey Protein). Currently, I eat a higher fat diet. My general rule is to prioritize protein, then get enough fats, and then fill my remaining calories with carbs.

Josh Lewis: I don’t count my calories, but would guess my calories are around 3000 per day. I tend to eat 3 bigger meals and 3 smaller meals throughout the day. Normally do not eat till 10 AM or 11 AM. I try to get at least 20-30 g of protein per meal. I normally stick to an even 1/3 split between all 3 macro nutrients. Two supplements I highly recommend are ION*Biome: ION*Gut Health and a vitamin D supplement. I don’t stick to the same meals every day, but I make sure everything is organic and single ingredient foods. Sometimes as a snack I like to eat dark chocolate or have raw goat milk. I normally eat higher fat diets, but it really depends on my activity level. If my activity level is higher, then I will tend to eat vegetables that are higher in carbs. If I have a lower activity day, then I might have lower carb vegetables and sometimes grab some macadamia nuts to snack on.

Listen to find out food we would add more of in our diet and what our favorite cheat foods are!

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