• Richard McDonough

Co-Movement Gym: A is A Health Podcast S1E1 - Beginner's Mindset

The first thing to remember is to make a list of 5 goals and values that are most important to you and make sure your actions and time spent match your lists. When training clients we generally see two different kinds of mindsets. The first being a Fixed Mindset where you feel as though you cannot improve and you generally stay in your comfort zone. The second being a Growth Mindset where you believe you can improve and adapting your way of thinking to this kind of a mindset is important for success.

With a Growth Mindset there is always a chance for failure and by embracing this failure you can learn from it and eventually achieve your goal. It is important to set small achievable goals while working towards your final goal. For example, your final goal is to do a one arm chin-up and currently you cannot do one regular chin-up. Your first small achievable goal should be to complete one regular chin-up and then work on completing one chin-up with perfect form. These small wins and the process toward your final goal is actually the most rewarding. In many cases reaching your final goal can be a fleeting joy. Most people look back on the journey to their final goal vs the actual achievement itself. Setting these smaller achievable goals will also make the process more rewarding, because a lot of the time people will develop a negative outlook and sometimes even quit when they continue to set unrealistic goals.

There is more than one way to see improvement. Most of the time people think if they are not adding more weight, then they are not improving. No one can add more weight indefinitely on any movement/exercise for the rest of their life. Do not be afraid to move back in weight/check your ego and take steps back in your progression to improve your form. Other ways to improve could be more reps and more sets, but it could be better form/better range of motion through the movement or controlling the weight throughout the entire movement. Most of the time on social media you only see the final product or movement being performed. This makes these advanced movements seem much easier to perform, but what you don’t see most of the time is all the struggling, hard work and effort that went into achieving that final goal.

If you do encounter failures along the way, which will inevitably happen, you should reflect on why you didn’t reach your goal and use it as a learning experience. Learning from your failure can be a positive experience and can help you reach your goal next time. Remember the only one that cares if you fail is you, and 99% of others won’t even notice. Change requires effort and learning, and to pushing past your current comfort zone will drive change and growth. The important thing is to love what you are doing and choosing to workout or exercise based on your goals or values in life. For example, 2 people are trying to walk 1000 miles. One person just loves walking and the other just wants to finish the challenge. Both might end up finishing the challenge, but the person with the mindset of walking because they love it will enjoy the process more than the person just doing it to finish. Also, the person who enjoys walking will continue to do this activity even after the challenge is over which will benefit this person the rest of their life vs only during the challenge.

Be consistent with your training, make sure your goals align with your training and set small achievable goals that help you reach your final goal, and by doing these 3 things you will be in the correct Beginners Mindset to set you up for success.

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